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With the profitable trading techniques outlined herein, Squeeze Bounce, our trading system is geared toward providing a suitable platform.

Intra-day Trading

Our Trading System supports day-to-day updates on an intra-day basis, with the assistance of our technical tools that can assist with entry and exit points.

Forex Scalping

Our Trading System allows you to make multiple trades each day, which gives you the opportunity to profit off small price movements.

Swing and Position Trading

sWhether you want to buy at the end of a trend during price volatility or you want to Buy-and-Hold, our system is built to help you maximise profit on every strategy.

Trading Options


Trade Forex


Volatility Indices*


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Trade Stocks

Items with an asterisk(*) means you can trade daily.

Choose a plan

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Our alerts for entry and exits 

Telegram on laptop/mobile device

Apart from sending and receiving chat messages, we would walk you through how to control your trades and be profitable.

Risk management features

We’ll help you understand a set of rules and measures to ensure that you can manage any negative impact on forex trade.