Azure Live Projects


During this course, you will learn all about Azure concepts with the help of live projects, which will give you a better understanding of how to design, implement, and troubleshoot cloud services and features of cloud computing. In addition to polishing your technical knowledge, this course is packed with practical examples. Practicing the scenario-related interview questions will also help you prepare for them. I am sure you will find them more challenging and exciting, and intriguing.

Course Highlights:

  1. Instructor Led Trainings
  2. Life-time access to Course Material
  3. Gain Industry Experience
  4. Certification of completion
  5. Learn Anytime Anywhere
  6. Live Sessions with Industry Experts
  7. 24*7 Help & Support
  8. Hands On Experience

Course Learnings

  • Immerse yourself in Cloud Computing with a well-designed course.
  • Gain the skills to design, manage and implement cloud services in-depth.
  • Become a niche expert with up-to-date knowledge on Cloud computing technology.
  • Impress interviewers with comprehensive knowledge of Cloud computing.
  • Boost confidence with real-time live projects of all the topics on Cloud Computing.


  1. Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
  2. Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines (VMs)
  3. Managing Identities
  4. Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
  5. Implementing and Managing Storage
  6. Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking
  7. Securing Identities
  8. Implementing and Managing Application Services
  9. Governance and Compliance
  10. Cost optimization