AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architect


Hello and welcome to the AWS Solutions Architect Associate course! This course assists participants in learning all about architecting solutions for cloud computing services. We will know how technologies like Amazon EC2 work and other features available with Azure, such as Storage Services or Data Analytics services. This course aims to prepare you and land you an excellent job opportunity, so even though certification isn’t needed, everyone should take advantage anyway.

Course Highlights

  1. Instructor-Led Training
  2. Lifetime access to Course Material
  3. Gain Industry Experience
  4. Certification of completion
  5. Learn Anytime Anywhere
  6. Live Sessions with Industry Experts
  7. 24*7 Help & Support
  8. Hands-On Experience

Course Learnings

  • Immerse yourself in Cloud Computing with a well-designed course.
  • Gain the skills to design, manage and implement cloud services in-depth.
  • Become a niche expert with up-to-date knowledge of Cloud computing technology.
  • Impress interviewers with comprehensive knowledge of Cloud computing.
  • Boost confidence with real-time live projects on all the topics on Cloud Computing.


  1. Introduction to cloud
  2. AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) and AWS CLI
  3. Fundamentals of EC2
  4. EC2 – Solution Architect Associate Level
  5. EC2 Instance Storage
  6. RDS, Aurora and ElastiCache in AWS
  7. Route 53
  8. Amazon S3 – Introduction
  9. AWS Global Accelerator and CloudFront
  10. Decoupling Applications : SQS, SNS
  11. Container on AWS : ECS, EKS, ECR
  12. Serverless Overview
  13. Database in AWS
  14. AWS Monitoring
  15. Networking – VPC